It is rare to find a doctor with such a gift as his. I like to refer to him as the man with the “magic hands.” He has an ability to heal your body naturally with (Biodynamic) osteopathy when other types of medical treatments are not successful ~ a talent that few possess. My husband and I have been patients of his for several years. We have benefited greatly from his (Biodynamic) osteopathic treatments. We are so very grateful for all he has done for us. We highly recommend him to friends and family.
L.S. Townshend, VT

What an amazing doctor! I had been seriously injured in an accident at my workplace. My whole being was severely affected. If not for Dr. Goldberg’s incredible skill and talent in his osteopathic field I might very possibly have died or never recovered from my injuries. His dedication and patience combined with his healing treatments successfully gave me back my health and strength. I honestly believe that without his medical expertise and wonderful spirit I would not be where I am today. Such a pleasant office and a wonderfully helpful and caring staff!
R.S. Townshend, VT

Dr. Goldberg is a good doctor. He has been my doctor for many years. I have a lot of confidence in him. He is my osteopath as well as my medical doctor. And I am 91 years old and he keeps me living on and on and on.
H.F. Brattleboro, VT

It is my good fortune to have been a patient of Dr. Craig Goldberg‘s for the past 15 years. He is not only my Primary Care Physician, but my Osteopathic Physician as well. I have found him to be an intelligent, dedicated and caring professional
R.W. Brattleboro, VT

I was glad to be asked to share my great experiences from having Dr. Goldberg treat me osteopathically. I broke and dislocated my ankle 2 years ago and started seeing Dr. Goldberg a few weeks thereafter. Dr. Goldberg’s (Biodynamic) osteopathic treatments are gentle and relaxing (no cracking). He keeps my whole body pain-free and symptomvfree from headaches, numb arms while sleeping, mid-lower back pain, etc. I am most grateful to be able to walk and jog without a limp. I highly recommend trying this easy, drug-free treatment to people of all ages.
B.L. Guilford, VT

Craig Goldberg has been our family’s primary care physician since 1996, treating the two of us, and our children and grandchildren. When we call with a health issues, his friendly staff is wonderful about getting us in to see him in a timely manner. When Dr. Goldberg treats us, it is always with personal care and concern, and a smile. We appreciate the thoughtfulness of his approach to health issues and have great faith in his medical expertise. We have also seen Craig for his (Biodynamic) osteopathic treatments for recurring back and neck problems. These gentle treatments have helped us maintain a healthy lifestyle, especially important as we grow older, and have improved our quality of life. Without hesitation, we would highly recommend Dr. Goldberg and his staff to anyone seeking quality medical care.
L.S. & P.S. Brattleboro, VT

Dr. Goldberg has served as my primary care physician (PCP) since 1993. Before deciding on a PCP, I researched various options and interviewed several health care providers. During my interview with Dr. Goldberg, I was impressed by his holistic approach to health care and his specialty in Biodynamic Osteopathy. I made a very wise decision back then. I have been extremely pleased with the quality of care I have received, the attentiveness of the entire staff, Dr. Goldberg’s use of and openness to “alternative” medicine (Ayurvedic, naturopathy, acupuncture, etc.), and the many benefits of Biodynamic Osteopathy. Regular use of osteopathy has helped prevent short-term problems from becoming long-term conditions.
K.F. South Newfane, VT

I am extremely impressed with the care and the continued healing that I received at Dr. Goldberg’s office in Brattleboro, Vermont. Every time that I have had the pleasure of attending my appointment, I have been blown away with my improvements and the individualized care provided. Dr. Goldbrg’s treatments have done wonders for both my mental and physical being. Dr. Goldberg has a revolutionary approach to handling my specific issue. I experienced very little discomfort and always felt safe. I have gone to other specialists with different ideologies and I believe that Dr. Goldberg’s is by far the most beneficial. I have and will continue to recommend him to my friends and family and associates.
D.M. Manchester, CT

I was diagnosed with multiple sclerosis (M.S.) in 1982. I continued to work with great discomfort and pain. I started seeing Dr. Goldberg in 1995 and continue to do so. Dr. Goldberg has made my life considerably better in many degrees. His skills and knowledge of homeopathic and holistic treatments meet my every need and concern. I can’t imagine what my life would be without him. Dr. Goldberg is also my husband’s medical physician. We enjoy his honesty and his true caring concern for his patients.
S.J. & P.J. Ashuelot, NH

Dr. Goldberg covers all the bases in his osteopathic general practice. As a retired osteopathic physician-educator, I sought – and found – this most competent osteopathic physician. He and his caring, efficient staff have more than met our health care needs for more than ten years. He and his staff are brilliant gems in the Brattleboro area medical scene.
C.P. & D.P. West Dummerston, VT

Much to my delight, my chronic hip pain of over 20 years was relieved by (Biodynamic) osteopathic treatments from Dr. Goldberg. Thank you.
K.B. Brattleboro, VT

I have been a patient of Dr. Craig Goldberg’s on the recommendation of a neighbor since July of 2000. Within the past ten years I have experienced back surgery, a fractured arm and leg and in the past year, a ski injury. The doctor’s unique procedure of Biodynamic Cranial Osteopathy has worked magic on my body and helped me to maintain a very active lifestyle. The doctor is also my primary care physician.
R.L. Brattleboro, Vermont

I would like to let people in need of “Bio-Dynamic Osteopathy” and a Primary Care Doctor to know I am very satisfied with the treatments and care of my physician, Craig E. Goldberg, D.O. I first met Dr. Goldberg through my Naturopathic Doctor, Mary Bove, after more injuries from an accident in the 90′s which left me with severe pain, so much pain that I could barely function each day. From the injuries and surgeries I sustained from the accident, I was on heavy duty prescription drugs that were getting stronger and
more addicting. I knew I had to get off of them permanently. I also knew I needed another doctor that could help me with my pain. I found him in Dr. Goldberg ~ his specialty in “Biodynamic Osteopathy” has helped me tremendously with my pain so at times I am free of pain for several days or longer and I can be comfortable WITHOUT using prescription drugs. If you are in need of a sensitive, caring and considerate doctor who specializes in “Biodynamic Osteopathy” you can find him in West Brattleboro, Vermont. I must also mention his “Staff.” They are always courteous, and with a pleasant smile to make you feel welcomed to the office. They have always helped me if I have a question regarding appointments or billing.
C.F. West Brattleboro, VT